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Welcome to the Fifth Crisis logs community! Not to be confused with the main community, this is simply a place for those affiliated with Fifth Crisis to post logs. Please keep the rules below in mind when posting.

+All NC-17 logposts must be f-locked.
+For every log, you must tag it appropriately as to whether the log is open or closed, in progress or complete, and with the names of the characters involved. Please see the tagging tutorial for information on how to do this.
+Please make sure logs are spell-checked before being posted.
+All posts must use the following header:

Characters: (Names and journals of the involved characters)
Date/Time: (Day/Month, time of day)
Location: (Where in the world are you? City/Location in city)
Rating: (G-NC-17. If NC-17, remember to make this friends only!)
Summary: (What's going on here?)
Warnings, if applicable: (Violence, sex, non-con, etc)
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